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Going Beyond

Learning beyond the classroom

  • Beyond books

    Our age-appropriate and ever-growing library is a place not confined only to reading books but a place for fun-filled activities such as story telling,dramatics etc.

  • Beyond chairs & tables

    Learning across the campus is the way at NewAge. The Dhanavantri Vana is one such example to quote here when it comes to acquainting medicinal plants to students.

  • Beyond science

    Professionally designed & equipped laboratories of sciences-Chemistry, Biology, Physics & Computers are a storehouse of information & learning for the students.

  • Beyond Art Forms

    Our Performing Arts studio is designed to evoke and enlighten the creative instinct in students. Music, Arts & Craft, Dance & Drama are housed in the studio.

  • Beyond Sports

    Sport teaches a lot more than just the sport alone. Team spirit, sportsmanship & a passion for excellence are inculcated at NewAge through our indoor & outdoor sports.

  • Beyond the routine

    We believe that each chid is a champion & encourage them to participate in their own capacity in our year round events & celebrations.