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About NewAge

The NewAge Way

NewAge is built on the foundation of our belief that by working on our inner and outer worlds, we would be successful not only by chance but by desig

Why NewAge?

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    World-class Learning Experience

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    Holistic Development

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    Real-World Education

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    Driven by Values,Enabled by Technology

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    Human Touch


What do we want to be ?

Beyond mere education, our intent is to ensure three hundred sixty degree development of our students through multiple interventions.

We seek to instill in our children, an inborn sense of responsibility through the right Personal, Social and Emotional Development. A love of learning and the ability to express fluent opinions and ideas is our focus through Literacy, Communication and Language Development.

Intellectual curiosity and the promotion of informed questioning and debate helps develop the Creative, Cognitive, Numeracy, Logical faculties; while the emphasis on sports makes sure there is proportionate Physical Development, health and fitness.

What do we intend to do ?

Questioning the obvious, rethought and recreating the basics to come up with an approach to education that is child centric. Education at NewAge is about challenging the boundaries, constructive questioning and the ability to think afresh. Our in house Department of Excellence in Education (DEE) team creating relevant educational modules that enable children absorb knowledge in a manner that helps them to think, analyse and create. “to set the child free”.

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    For the child

    Provide a world class learning experience, creating new-age young adults with ignored minds, compassion for others, a deep understanding of self and the courage to act on their own beliefs.

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    For teachers

    Provide a world class environment to learn-grow-contribute, creating teachers who are passionate with a sense of pride in being teachers

    For parents

    Provide a satisfying experience to learn-grow-contribute, creating parents who help their children realise their true potential.


NewAge envisions to nurture confidence and independence, giving our children the educational & co curricular support they need; to grow into flexible and resilient young adults, ready to succeed in an ever-more-competitive-NewAge world!


NewAge has-is-will strive to achieve our purpose of setting the child

  • free from the fear of failure
  • free from the routine and boredom of meaningless learning
  • free from rote learning and in fact free the child from the stress of learning itself




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